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"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose"

Stand With Israel

Stand with Israel is a US based nonprofit founded in 2015. We work to promote healing and reconciliation throughout this region the old fashioned way, by building relationships with the people who live here. 

In Isaiah 19:23-25 the prophet saw something that to the modern day reader seems ridiculous… impossible. What he saw is without a doubt the high water mark in the Hebrew Scriptures for the hope of reconciliation in this region. 

We seek to build relationships and to support individuals and organizations who, despite the obvious tensions, are living their lives prophetically because they’re living in ways that harmonize with that vision. Many of them don’t even know that that’s what they’re doing… and we love making friends with them and helping them see how they are really dancing with God.


Stand With Israel is also committed to supporting Israel by arranging intimate encounters with the land and the people. We lead 8-14 day excursions that combine unusual site seeing adventures with opportunities to make personal connections with the land and the people so that when you leave here… you leave as a Shagririm… an ambassador for Israel. 

If you desire something other than buses, lines and hotels, come with us and get involved with what’s really happening here, prophetically and practically. 

Email for more information: jimmybeckyministry@gmail.com

Jimmy & Becky

The Moriarty’s met at Bethany Bible College in 1979 and married after graduating in 1982. They have 3 grown children; Hilary, Conor, and Jack. Becky had a permanent, life changing encounter with Yeshua at 18. At that time she received an impartation regarding Israel that she has carried ever since. After Hilary was born in 1985, Becky felt a mandate to raise, train and home educate her children with focus and devotion, knowing that this mothering challenge would prepare her for what would come next. 

Jimmy had a successful career in Media beginning in the construction data industry as a sales executive with Atlanta based CMD in 1989. 5 years later he started his own Media company and launched California’s first search engine dedicated to public works project data. After selling his company in 2006, Jimmy took on the role of President and CEO of Construction Bidboard Inc., and then as a Managing Director with Mediagrif Interactive Technologies. 

The Moriarty’s first trip to Israel in 2010 began a series of events that culminated with their decision to free themselves and spend as much time in Israel as possible, to Stand with Israel at this historically unprecedented time where the world is witness to the resurrection from the dead of the State of Israel, the Hebrew Language and the ongoing return of the covenant people to their historical covenant land. 


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