Stand With Israel

Dine Out Along The Road: Israel Edition

Israel’s food and wine scene are world-class, but we wanted to help highlight a few of the hidden gems. So, during the summer of 2018, I (Jimmy) produced 2 episodes of an American Food & Travel television program, Dine out along the Road, for our good friend Ray O’Canto. Before Ray’s arrival, we set out to locate some of the best restaurants and wineries in Israel and made many new friends along the way. 

These two videos illustrate how Becky and I “Stand With Israel” by helping to tell the real story of what’s happening here, and it’s NOT apartheid. Arabs and Jews, believers and non-believers, are the actual brick-and-mortar in rebuilding this country. 

The resurrection of Israel has been going on for just 70 years, and what’s happening in this tiny country, a country surrounded by enemies and under constant threat of terrorism, is nothing short of miraculous. 

We hope you enjoy watching these two episodes and meeting some of our friends.

This is Israel.

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