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Our Project in Cyprus: “From 30,000 feet”

When we moved to Jerusalem in 2016 we knew the prophet Isaiah described the city of Jerusalem as a furnace. (Isaiah 31:9) But it wasn’t until we lived there for a few years that we understood why. It’s intense. Israel has the most disputed real estate in the world, and it’s ground zero for the Gospel. 

St. Paul knew this all too well. There’s an often overlooked but recurring theme running throughout several of his letters. It’s a theme that took on new meaning for us after living in Jerusalem. Paul and his companions were burdened by the realities of living in Jerusalem, and they were motivated to help ease the suffering and give relief to the saints there. And they weren’t shy about asking for help. See (Acts 11:29 Romans 15:25-27 1 Corinthians 16:1 2 Corinthians 8)

We get it. Jewish believers and other Christian workers laboring in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and other regions in Israel, are under immense physical, emotional, and spiritual strain. In fact, physicians in Israel report that the entire population suffers from mild to severe PTSD. 

After a visa run to Cyprus in 2017, we began to imagine how we could give relief to the saints in Jerusalem by providing a free retreat center in Cyprus. We tested the idea a year later when we sublet a villa there for 6 weeks and took some Jewish believers with us. We watched as they sort of rehydrated like dried-out sponges. They told us it was the most relaxing retreat they’d ever had. 

The next year we received 2 grants that enabled us to return and lease a suitable property where we could begin receiving guests.

We think of this project as a kind of spiritual M.A.S.H unit (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital). A place where people serving in Israel can come for much needed relief, rest & restoration.

Our team hosts 1-3 ministry leaders and their families per month. These are people who have incalculable reach within Israel. We host, comfort, counsel, and encourage leaders who are in dire need of relief, restoration, and respite. Our guests make their way to Cyprus at their own expense as the 30-minute flight comes at a minimal cost. However, we will help with the airfare on a case-by-case basis.  They are met at the airport and transferred to the property where we provide free room, board, and hospitality for the duration of their stay. Their visit includes a much needed rest and reprieve from the intense atmosphere in Israel, recreation in the quiet & beautiful Mediterranean island, encouragement, counsel, and ministry along with worship and prayer at a nearby prayer house.

How can you get involved? 

  1. We need financial support
  2. We need volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering, we need people who can get away for 30-90 day stretches, people who do hospitality well but also have experience with prayer ministry/intercession/deliverance/inner healing.

This project needs to be underwritten financially. Would you please consider donating to help our team bring relief to the saints in Jerusalem?  Please send us an email to find out how you can help through monthly support or by sponsoring a family.

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