Wild & Beguiled: Israel cannot escape her calling

Israel is a little like the Wild West.

On November 12, 2018, more than 400 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel.

And so it continues… once again in human history, God is actively dealing with his servant Israel.

We believe the covenant God made with Israel is everlasting so He is forever present with them and within them. We share this belief with our Jewish brothers whether they see Yeshua as Messiah or not, God is at work within the Land and its people.

In 1948 Israel was resurrected as a secular State, but even in their unbelief and rebellion, they remain God‘s servant, called to be his witness to the nations.

As Gods servant, Israel‘s relationship to the nations is therefore different from the relations the nations have between themselves. Israels relationship with the nations can never be just political, it’s also spiritual.

In a mysterious way, when the nations relate to Israel they are relating to God in proxy (See Matthew 21:33-46). What the nations do in response to the actions of Israel is therefore their response to God. 

This does not mean that Israel is like God or that their actions correlate to who God is, only that Israel is Gods servant… a nation set apart. And whether or not Israel behaves righteously or unrighteously, the nations are not her judge or jury.

Have you ever wondered why it is that Israel, not only now but throughout their 4,000 year history, both in the land and in exile, has been constantly beleaguered and beset by their enemies?

The scriptures give a number of explanations, but there is one answer that sort of goes to the heart of the matter.

Yeshua/Jesus gives us a clue as to what it is.

“And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? Yeshua answered, neither has this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.” (John 9:3)

“… when Yeshua heard that, he said, ‘This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God… that the Son of God might be glorified.”(John 11:9)

That the modern State of Israel exists today is no mere accident or freak of history and it clearly defies a natural explanation.

Although you probably won’t get an amen from secular or religious Jews on this point, Israel exists for one principal purpose, even in their current state of unbelief and spiritual slumber, their existence serves the greater glory of “The God who raises the dead” (2 Corinthians 1:9).

We believe God carefully placed Israel in the middle of the nations and has beguiled them like He did with Moses and the burning bush. He has drawn the attention of the nations to Israel and they cannot take their eyes off of her.

God knew and intended that Israel’s existence would provoke and pull a vitriolic response from the nations who prefer their own way, their own false gods and idols. The vitriol expressed towards Israel is actually directed at the God of Israel.

To us, Israel clearly witnesses to God but that doesn’t mean Israel is Godly. When we look at Israel we see the redeeming genius of God at work. Beginning with Israel’s astonishing resurrection in 1948, God informed the world that He is doing something amazing in history.

In the days of the prophet Samuel, Israel longed to be a nation like the other nations… to pursue their own national identity in freedom and autonomy. It is a desire that burns in the heart of Israel to this day.

But Israel will never be a nation like the other nations. God said, “…Behold, a people dwelling alone, not counting itself among the nations”. (Numbers 23:9)

No matter what their enemies do and no matter what Israel does in her current state of unbelief, Israel is like the prophet Jonah…

Israel cannot escape her calling.

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